Max Gerisch is a passionate singer-songwriter, folk and blues musician, living in Dresden.

At age 6, music entered his life. He was at a world music festival and an african drum, the djembé, fascinated him. Complicated rhythms started to excite him and just two years later he and his brother Philipp played the first gigs together. But rhythm wasn‘t enough, the melodic part was missing.

Ein Jahr später bekam er seine erste Mundharmonika und erlernte in kurzer Zeit das Repertoire der Klingenthaler „Mundharmonika-Spatzen“. Allerdings entsprach diese volkstümliche Musik nicht ganz seinen Vorstellungen, also wandte er sich vor allem dem Blues und der irischen Musik zu. Er nahm auch schon öfters beim Klingenthaler Mundharmonika Live Festival teil und erhielt mehrere Auszeichnungen beim Seydel-Open-Contest.

But harmonica wasn't enough, he wanted more variety. So at age 10, he started taking piano lessons. After 6 years of classical education, he switched to blues and jazz piano. Nowadays, he often plays harmonica and piano at the same time and one more instrument found the way to his hands, the guitar.

For some years, he writes his own songs and thus brings his own unique style to the music.